PTO Myth Busters

Myth: If you join the PTO you have to go to meetings.

FACT: While we would love to have you come to meetings, it is not a requirement to become a member. And if you do come to meetings, you are NOT required to volunteer. NEW for the 2020/2021 school year: Virtual PTO meetings! Join the meeting from home, in the car, at the ball field… Look for a Zoom button at the top of this site!

Myth: The PTO is just for stay-at-home moms.

FACT: The PTO is for everyone! Our volunteers are mothers, fathers and those who fill those roles. We have a wide range of volunteers who: stay-at-home, work part-time to full-time, have other children, are continuing their own education, and more.

Myth: The PTO has all the help they need.

FACT: The PTO welcomes everyone and continues to need volunteers for various events, fundraisers, and committees year-round. We need you!

Myth: Volunteering for the PTO takes too much time.

FACT: Only YOU can decide how much time you can give. Even if you can help at just one event or handle one task per year, it would be greatly appreciated.

Myth: PTO volunteers need to be at the school during the day.

FACT: Much of the PTO work can be done from home on your own schedule, or at events at night or weekends. Yes, there is volunteering during the school day if you are able to do so. Choose what works best for you.

Myth: The PTO has the same volunteers year after year and everyone knows each other.

FACT: While we are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who return, we also welcome new ones every year. We do strike up friendships and enjoy getting to know one another. Our volunteers range from Kindergarten to 6th grade parents, so it’s a great chance to get to know parents from other grades you may not have met otherwise.

Myth: The PTO is all set with their activities and events for the year.

FACT: Each year, the PTO brings back favorites and tries new activities, fundraisers and events. Those new ideas come from volunteers. While we try to plan ahead, it’s only the beginning of the school year and there’s still plenty of time to do even more for the students and school this year.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, April 24th in the Webb Library at 7pm(March cancelled)

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