Webb PTO Committees / Events

Back to School Teachers' Luncheon

Timeframe: August

Chairperson(s): Christine Mori, Kate Weingartner, Kim Farrelly

Back to School Picnic

Timeframe: September

Chairperson(s): Chair Needed

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PTO Membership Drive

Timeframe: Beginning of school year

Chairperson(s): PTO Board

School Beautification

Timeframe: ongoing

Chairperson(s): Webb Staff (PTO funds)

Email Blasts

Timeframe: ongoing

Chairperson(s): Secretary

Backpack photocopies

Timeframe: ongoing

Webb PTO Website

Timeframe: ongoing

Chairperson(s): Carina Gomez

Cheer/Care Crew

Timeframe: ongoing as needed

Chairperson(s): Maria Pace

Box Tops for Education - fundraiser

Timeframe: throughout school year

Chairperson(s): Maltese family

Board of Ed Liaison

Timeframe: refer to BOE minutes for info

Chairperson(s): No longer needed

Chair(s) of 6th Grade Events

Timeframe: A committee will be formed and 6th grade parents will be asked to contribute

Chairperson(s): Diane Murphy & Jamie Tsolas

WSPC (Wethersfield Schools Parent Council)

Timeframe: Attend monthly meetings, coordinate walk/bike to school events, volunteer award ceremony, WES

Chairperson(s): Kate Miller

Puerto Vallarta - fundraiser

Timeframe: October and June 11:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Chairperson(s): Diane Murphy

School Photos - fundraiser

Chairperson(s): Jamie Tsolas (prep work) Need parents for day of

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Jog-a-thon - fundraiser

Timeframe: October

Chairperson(s): Jamie Tsolas

Volunteers Needed

Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

Timeframe: Early Fall

Chairperson(s): Gianna Erlich- ???

Coupon Book - Fundraiser

Timeframe: Late Fall

Chairperson(s): Chair needed

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AmazonSmile - Fundraiser

Timeframe: Started in Nov. and ongoing

Chairperson(s): Diane Murphy

Stop and Shop Gift Card - Fundraiser

Timeframe: Started in Nov. and ongoing

Chairperson(s): Christine Mori

Webb Family Directory/sep sheet from PTO membership

Timeframe: Fall, electronic version released Oct

Chairperson(s): Jen McMahon & Carina Gomez

Haunted Hayfest - fundraiser

Timeframe: October 26th

Chairperson(s): Jamie Tsolas /Gianna Erlich

Volunteers Needed

Festival of Trees Ornament Making

Timeframe: November

Chairperson(s): Erin Kalogeri

Webb Spirit Wear - Fundraiser (Gima Sport)

Timeframe: consider online store

Chairperson(s): Michelle Worden

Holiday Shop - fundraiser

Timeframe: Dec

Chairperson(s): Kate Miller

Wethersfield Creative Arts Council Liaison

Timeframe: Fall and spring

Chairperson(s): Jamie Tsolas

Launch Trampoline -Fundraiser

Chairperson(s): Karen Inkel


Timeframe: January

Chairperson(s): Christine Mori

Penny Wars - fundraiser

Timeframe: 1st one- October 16-27th/2nd one in Spring

Chairperson(s): Mrs. Wilson & Eileen Alamprese

Wolf Pack Game - fundraiser

Chairperson(s): Kate Weingartner

Yankee Candle - Fundraiser

Timeframe: October

Chairperson(s): Shannon Mlodzinski

Mixed Bags - Fundraiser

Timeframe: March - consider something new

Chairperson(s): Katie Leahy

Hip Hop Program


Chairperson(s): Christine Mori

Vendor Fair - fundraiser

Chairperson(s): Chair needed

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Chairperson(s): Mrs. Giliberto & parent?

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Book Fairs - fundraiser

Timeframe: October and April

Chairperson(s): Pam Landsberg & Wendy Weston

Yard Goats (2)

Timeframe: May

Chairperson(s): Kate Weingartner/Diane Murphy

Teachers vs. Parents Basketball Game - Fundraiser

Timeframe: March or April

Chairperson(s): Stacey Melillo

Staff Appreciation Committee

Timeframe: ongoing throughout the year

Chairperson(s): Christine Mori, Kim Farrelly, Kate Weingartner

Talent Show-Lip Sync Battle

Timeframe: May

Chairperson(s): Chair needed

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Art Show

Timeframe: Spring

Chairperson(s): Ms. Ripa - 5 PARENT VACANCIES

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Spring Social Event

Timeframe: Picnic in June

Chairperson(s): Chair needed

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Keane Foundation Liaison

Timeframe: throughout the year

Chairperson(s): Chair needed

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Munson's Chocolate

Timeframe: Easter

Chairperson(s): Maria Pace & ???

YETI fundraiser (Mr. Cop)

Timeframe: October-November

Chairperson(s): Stacey Melillo & Lisa Steven


Timeframe: Author visits (work with Tara Jones), hip hop, etc

Chairperson(s): Bre & Anthony Salerno

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