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Thank you for participating in Webb Elementary PTO events and programs! Outlined below are some important financial procedures that need to be followed throughout the year to assure the bookkeeping of the funds we raise and spend is recorded accurately and responsibly. Please follow these guidelines when planning your event or fundraiser.

PTO Financial Procedures

Expense Reimbursement

  • For checks needed in advance, complete the Check Request Form and submit to the Treasurer, at least one full week in advance.
  • For expenses incurred on behalf of the PTO, all receipts must be attached to the Reimbursement Request Form and submit to the Treasurer. Taxes cannot be reimbursed. Please contact any board member for the Tax Exempt Certificate.
  • Please refer to your committee’s budget when organizing your function/activity and prior to making purchase commitments. You must work within your approved budget.

Cash Box

  • Request for a cash box must be made to the Treasurer at least one full week prior to the event, using the Cash Box Request Form. Please specify the total amount required and the desired bill/coin specification.
  • Both the Treasurer and event Chairperson should sign the Cash Box Request Form when the cash box is exchanged.


  • All funds collected should be detailed using the Deposit Form. Each deposit needs to include a listing of all checks received in a separate Excel spreadsheet. Any coins must be rolled.
  • The event Chairperson should make arrangements to get the deposit to the Treasurer as soon as possible after an event.

Thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of the Webb Elementary PTO!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to click here to contact Diane Murphy.

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